What We Do


We work alongside the program team to design targeted implementation plans and build team capacity to execute high quality programs for children and families.


We facilitate strategic planning, conduct landscape analyses, coordinate stakeholder vision setting sessions and engage community members through focus groups and targeted interviews.


We believe in evaluating systems and programs through a foundation of trust and candidness. Our approach focuses on helping better understand their strengths, opportunities and ways to increase effectiveness.


We provide comprehensive advisement to enhance organizational efficiency via assessments and tailored solutions. We offer expert technology recommendations to optimize client operations– empowering clients to collect valuable data, expand their community reach, and streamline their workflows.


We help clients cultivate key relationships, facilitate partnership convening and establish stakeholder alliances. We do community asset mapping to better understand the existing community supports, services and gaps; and assist leaders in identifying the opportunities for impact, and establish a plan for ongoing collaboration.

“I knew Candor and Co was the perfect partner to help us develop and implement our impact investment strategy. Their unparalleled expertise, vast network, and effective engagement strategies have proven invaluable in shaping the direction of our first major social impact program. I am grateful to Candor and Co for their unwavering commitment to driving positive change and delivering outstanding results.”

Kendra J. Ross, PhD
Head of Social Impact, People Team, Duolingo